What people are saying about Young Mountain Yoga! 

Young Mountain ​Yoga  

95 Hour Yoga Certification to Teach Children and Teens 

      ....Igniting the teacher in us all to support young people through yoga, meditation and mindfulness​​

The teacher training with Young Mountain Yoga has been a transformational experience. The instructors are attentive, wise, and caring guides and the content is both fascinating and potentially life-changing. I highly recommend this training to educators, social workers, parents, and anyone else who works with, lives with, and loves young people!
                                         ALMA REYES EVANS, 

                                        Social Worker, Artist

The YMY program is an experience I will not forget. Not only did I immediately begin to run a nearly seemless 40 minute class in an urban school setting using amazingly fun and safety-conscious activities, but YMY also taught me how to use the heart and all of my inner strengths to create a yoga class that is authentic and attainable for the young, discerning yogis sitting in my class. -

                                         MARCELA FORERO

                                        Elementary School Teacher

                                       Bridgeport, Ct

I cannot say enough positive things about my experience with Young Mountain Yoga’s 95-hour training program to teach yoga to children and teens. At the start, I was relatively new to yoga and not very confident in my ability to practice the poses and the breathing techniques, let alone teach them to others! Gabriela, Gail, Abigail and Amy instilled confidence and strength in me and all of the women in our program from day one with their constant encouragement and patience. These instructors were so knowledgeable, passionate and creative with their teaching skills, such wonderful role models. I especially appreciate how dedicated they’ve all been to supporting their students’ success as yoga teachers. Former students of theirs were invited to our classes to demonstrate their own teaching practices, which was so helpful for learning and networking. It’s comforting to know that their relationships with their students continue on after the program is completed.

I’m so proud of achieving my certification and feel fully prepared and excited to go out and share my own passion like a true yogi now, thanks to YMY!      
                                                   Eileen Olivieri, LMSW
                                                   School Social Worker

                                                                 Westchester County,  NY

I just recently finished my children & teen yoga certification through Young Mountain. Gabriela and all of the instructors created a safe and sacred learning environment which gave me the opportunity to really explore and get curious while feeling so supported. The wealth of knowledge that all of these women brought and shared during the modules was beyond my expectation. I gained more confidence in my self with each module. I am proud to say that I am a Young Mountain certified children's yoga teacher and I am excited to see where this journey continues to take me. 

                                          ~ DEIRDRE O'REILLY

The Young Yoga Mountain 95-hour youth yoga teacher training was an amazing experience. The teachers prepare you from the very first module to get up in front of a group and start teaching! My main goal was to gain yoga experience to share with my student's with special needs. However, I gained so much more. The lessons learned will benefit so many different groups of children: toddlers, Tweens, teen, athletes, special needs students...to name only a few! Would highly recommend this experience!

                                              DAWN TOBIN-HOLT, PT

                                              Rockland County Public Schools

I received my 200 hour training with young mountain yoga. The first couple of classes I had doubts that I was cut out to be a yoga teacher. I had doubts that I would be able to remember the yoga names for poses, would I be able to do the poses correctly. I thought about giving up. I shared this with my instructor Gabriela.  It is important to me to highlight how encouraging and patient Gabriela was when I shared my frustration. I was allowed to voice my fears and concerns without feeling like they were being dismissed.. Needless to say I am now teaching yoga in an after school program and run my own teen yoga class at an activity center in the Bronx.  [😊] .

What I most loved about the program is the way it was structured with some past students coming in to be a part of the training, Gail Walsh a veteran in the field with her plethora of knowledge, and the wonderful Amy who allowed us her space for training and taught us the business of yoga (so helpful). We were also able to observe and participate in a class being taught by Amy. This hands on phase of the training was really great. 

All the instructors make themselves available for questions after graduation. 
I am so happy I chose Young Mountain Yoga as my place for training.  
Thank you!

                                           MICHELLE JERVIS, MSW

                                          Middle School Social Worker

                                          MS 391

                                          Bronx, NY

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The Young Mountain Yoga certification program was truly life changing for me.  I left each module feeling so inspired to bring my love of yoga to children.  The instructors provided a creative, judgment free and informative environment and covered a wide range of topics.  I highly recommend this program to anyone who wishes to teach yoga to children and teens.             

                                                      AMY HOUGH

                                                      Owner SHINE YOGA KIDS STUDIO

I recommend Young Mountain Yoga to anyone interested in teaching yoga to children. Gabriela and Joelle have so much to offer, and even so, they invite at least 2-3 guest speakers per module to share their ideas and teach demo classes. The program helped me to feel well connected with a growing community of children's yoga instructors as it prepared me for a career that addresses kids on all levels: body, mind and spirit. I particularly appreciated how the program was molded to meet each of our individual needs and goals.

                                                      ALICE SIPPLE

                                                      Owner, DANCING TREES YOGA

The yoga certification program for children and teens at Young Mountain started out as a journey for me and turned into a life changing experience. Gabriela and Joelle are awesome teachers and a true embodiment of the yoga practice! They truly personify the meaning of Yoga!

                                               ALICIA THURSTON

                                               TA Fieldstone School

Young Mountain Yoga, simply wonderful!!!!!
I must say I had a great experience.
Gabriela is very experienced, always willing to lend a hand, and take you out of your shell.
When I started, I was just testing the waters to see if I was going to like the program.
Now I’m so happy I continued on and feel like I accomplished more than I was expecting.

                                                  ODALIS RECCHIA

                                                   Owner, PURPLE MAT YOGA